What is WW?

WW is a platform that was created in 2012 for the international promotion of the work that institutions, artists and cultural creation-and-exhibition centres carry out. WW focuses its activity in Berlin, one of the world's most important cities in terms of cultural repercussion, possibilities and variety. C&C has in the German capital a team of professionals that will help you manage every aspect of your commercial mission.

What does it offer?

WW supports artists, institutions and cultural centres in the establishing of alliances and contacts with creators, agents and spaces in Berlin. It hence broadens significantly the work network of our clients.

Description of the service

We coordinate business trips and professional meetings with cultural agents in Berlin. We design the trip plan accordingly to the mission and the specific needs of each client. This service includes:

1. Carrying out meetings with our team in order to analyse and study the specific needs of the client beforehand.

2. Defining the trip's schedule upon the client's availability and goals.

3. Managing the meetings between clients and Berlin cultural agents (detailed reports containing useful information about each agent will be written previously).

4. Providing a guide / interpreter for the trips and meetings.

During the stay in Berlin, a team of professionals from WW will accompany the client to the planned meetings. This service provides vital help in the key aspects of negotiation.

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